Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nice Jewish Girls

Here we are - two nice Jewish girls hangin' out in LA. Many of you will probably recognize Judy Wilkenfeld of Red Velvet Creations. Her amazing artwork inspires me. It makes me even more glad to have such a wonderful and complex history, culture, and religion. Judy puts important meaning into every piece she does.

I was so excited to get her email that she would be in LA (from Australia!) and wanted to get together. We spent the day with some of her family, did some serious shoe shopping, and a little sight seeing. Here is another example of two people who may have never crossed paths if not for the internet. We've been corresponding for over a year on our blogs, and here we were - together in person!

Judy is off teaching at Art and Soul in Portland this week, then she's off to Canada.

A few days before that was my birthday! I've been doing a lot of visual journaling lately. It really helps mark my days/weeks and work out thoughts and feelings.

The white gel pen above is a line from a Norah Jones song:

"Come away with me

in the night

and I will always

love you." I am feeling a little stifled by my sweet, loveable baby. She runs faster than I do on those little legs and feels a need to get into EVERYTHING! She doesn't stop moving. My brother is currently visiting, and he even said that he's still not sure what she really looks like, because she hasn't stopped moving for him to get a good look.

Wishing all the nice Jewish girls and boys out there a Shanah tova u'metukah!


BloggingQueen said...

Happy New Year, girl! Glad you could see O for the holidays too. Has your mom gotten him married off yet?

You've been working your tuchis off, I see, because you could wear my clothes now! What are you, like, a size 6 now? Congratulations on the hard work. You look fabulous, in spite of Small Girl running you ragged.

barbara burkard said...

hello!!! and happy new year to you sweet girl!

big hugz!

Maija said...

Happy New Year, Tally! You look SENSATIONAL!! I bet you feel spectacular!

Morgan said...

Okay I added a post on the LACM site where you can leave your info in the comments section.

Hopefully this helps!