Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards

Ever wonder who has the most popular gift cards? Here's my list - if any of you corporates are out there, email me at to get your eGift cards on iCardMall! Only two of the great brands listed below can be found on today. Let's change this!

10. Sports Authority
9. Home Depot
8. Lowes
7. Best Buy
6. Walmart
5. iTunes
4. DSW Shoes
3. Macys
2. Starbucks
1. Nordstrom

Please realize this is a comletely subjective list - but I'd dare to guess that most of these are on a lot of other people's top 10 list too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raise Money for your School or Charity

iCardMall can be an easy way for any school, church, temple or other nonprofit to earn money. Sign up with our program, and your organziation can earn a percent of the gift card face value for traffic that your organization sends to our site. It's so easy!

We pay you a percent of gift cards sold
You send out 5-10 emails per year reminding your members to shop at iCardMall to earn money for your organization.
We provide you with the marketing materials!

Please email us at for more information and to set up an apppointment to discuss the details.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iCardMall Will Change the Way You Buy Gift Cards

You need something fast, easy and stylish when you're giving a gift. That's where iCardMall comes in! Email a gift card right away, personalize it with an e-greeting card, and send it off.

Not sure what to get? Give the gift of choice with the iCardMall Gift Card. This is a gift card that your recipient can redeem for any of the gift cards at iCardMall. The amount can be split among several different retailers. Some can be spent now, and the rest can be saved for another day. You balance is safe, and you can always check your iCardMall Gift Card balance on the iCardMall Redeem page.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

iCardMall is LIVE!

It has finally happened! I am able to share with the world that iCardMall is live and operational.

What is iCardMall? Well, I'm so glad you asked!

You can think of iCardMall as similar to the gift card mall at your local grocery store. The big diferences are that all the gift cards are emailed to your recipient. That means they get their gift card within 24 hours or less, with no shipping time or cost. Oh Yah!

Not only that, for only $0.99 you can add a stylish e-greeting card to your gift card. There is a free one too. The whole thing prints out all on one piece of paper with your personalized message, as an actual greeting card and gift card all-in-one.

If you're really green, you don't have to print anything out at all. With any smart phone, you can view and spend your e-gift card right from your phone.

New technology is so cool. So how about a SpaFinder e-gift card for Valentine's Day? There's still plenty of time to send it and make it personalized. Enjoy!