Thursday, July 30, 2009

Droplets of Sun

How about something for a nice summer afternoon where the cool breeze inspired me as I sat on the grass in the sunset.
Droplets of Sun
by Tally Oliveau

Golden droplets
of sun
grace my soft
as I look
down upon it
admiring the

They warm my glistening skin
and I cannot help
but reach out
to caress

The sounds of
young laughter
quietly fade
into the distance
as I soak in
the moment
where I can
with the air
that surrounds
that kisses my
so sweetly.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Art

This collage and mixed-media piece is entitled "I am Infinity". It is another take on an assemblage I did several years ago also entitled "I am Infinity" and which was published in Somerset Studio, Winter 2006 issue:

I love the Venus DeMilo - well who doesn't? Her blowing hair. Her not-so-modest stance atop the half shell. Her beauty and allure will probably live on for infinity, and I believe that each one of us - our beauty and presence in the world - lives on for infinity too. On the outside of the cabinet are the words: "I am not this body, I am not this breath" and then on the inside it says: "I am infinity". Remember my "I am Infinity" piece I made at Asilomar with De Meng? I am continuing to explore this idea, and I encourage you to explore and create art over and over based on the same idea.

My new piece has the outline of Venus in the lower right corner. I just kept layering and layering until I was happy - and it took quite a few layers. Something I worked on after the sunset in New York.

I also worked on this face - and I really love it!
She's dark and glamorous. So much work went into the shading - lot of white paint mixed with caran d' ache layered on top of collaged papers. Here I am using those techniques I learned at Art and Soul! Making them my own.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Livin'

Oh my. Please go right away to this link, and read this wonderful story by Jean McBride. Perfect summer lovin' story for a hot summer night - and a special reminder to Live Each Day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Hamptons

What can I say about this beautiful area of New York that I am lucky enough to go visit every summer? It is a magical place, beautiful, ostentatious, green, not really snooty as you'd imagine. It's a great place to have a run every morning, which I did. Pass by beautiful dairy farms and mansions.

We stayed right on the banks of Mecox Bay - just as it flows out into the Atlantic.

That's the view from the roof.

It was mezmerizing to watch the reeds blowing to and fro during the lightning storms that passed by relatively quickly. Being from Southern California, as I am, I am not used to the rain in the summer thing. It was glorious to watch the storm pass right by, and then leave with just a few puddles in its wake.
Enjoying glorious sunsets every night, as the birds settled noisily onto their little islet in the Bay. It was hard to tell if anyone else was stirring on the planet.

Yes, that's the sunset behind me.