Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Art

This collage and mixed-media piece is entitled "I am Infinity". It is another take on an assemblage I did several years ago also entitled "I am Infinity" and which was published in Somerset Studio, Winter 2006 issue:

I love the Venus DeMilo - well who doesn't? Her blowing hair. Her not-so-modest stance atop the half shell. Her beauty and allure will probably live on for infinity, and I believe that each one of us - our beauty and presence in the world - lives on for infinity too. On the outside of the cabinet are the words: "I am not this body, I am not this breath" and then on the inside it says: "I am infinity". Remember my "I am Infinity" piece I made at Asilomar with De Meng? I am continuing to explore this idea, and I encourage you to explore and create art over and over based on the same idea.

My new piece has the outline of Venus in the lower right corner. I just kept layering and layering until I was happy - and it took quite a few layers. Something I worked on after the sunset in New York.

I also worked on this face - and I really love it!
She's dark and glamorous. So much work went into the shading - lot of white paint mixed with caran d' ache layered on top of collaged papers. Here I am using those techniques I learned at Art and Soul! Making them my own.

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Laurel said...

Tally, that face is fantastic! I love the coloration!