Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Hamptons

What can I say about this beautiful area of New York that I am lucky enough to go visit every summer? It is a magical place, beautiful, ostentatious, green, not really snooty as you'd imagine. It's a great place to have a run every morning, which I did. Pass by beautiful dairy farms and mansions.

We stayed right on the banks of Mecox Bay - just as it flows out into the Atlantic.

That's the view from the roof.

It was mezmerizing to watch the reeds blowing to and fro during the lightning storms that passed by relatively quickly. Being from Southern California, as I am, I am not used to the rain in the summer thing. It was glorious to watch the storm pass right by, and then leave with just a few puddles in its wake.
Enjoying glorious sunsets every night, as the birds settled noisily onto their little islet in the Bay. It was hard to tell if anyone else was stirring on the planet.

Yes, that's the sunset behind me.

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