Thursday, June 25, 2009

Topanga Artist Studio Tour

I went to a fabulous annual event in my neighborhood last weekend - the Topanga Artists Studio tour. For a small donation, you actually get a map of several dozen local artists who open their own homes and personal studios to the public to view and sell their art. It's run through The Topanga Art Gallery.
Don't I look like I'm having fun? I wish this was my balcony - but it belongs to one very lucky artist.

We were actually getting swarmed by hummingbirds, of all things. They were as crazy for the view as we were. I was admiring them.

I really didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of artwork during my visits. I don't know why. At the end of the afternoon, we joined all the artists for wine and small bites at the gallery. If you are visiting the lovely, hippy dippy town of Topanga, please go visit the gallery!


Maija said...

You look so fabulous, Tally skinny mini!! Yippee!
What jean size are you now?

Kelly said...

what great photos. you look gorgeous (and you always have)!