Monday, June 15, 2009


After a very long car ride, my friend Audra and I finally made it to Asilomar! The beach beconed us - here I am all bundled up! So happy to be in the moment of just being alive.

I had two wonderful days with Misty Mawn in her "31 Flavors" Art Journaling class. I learned her easy and almost full-proof way to make a face. It was the main reason I took the class. I was so intimated by face drawing, and now, I think I can comfortably say, I can draw something that looks like a face! Not that I need to draw something realistic - no, not at all. I just needed the basic place to start, and Misty delivered. It was hard and scary - but the second half of the class was all journaling and collage - hear big sigh of "comfort zone"!

I didn't get a pic of us together, but here's a little of what I made in those two days!
My very first face:

My first painted face:
fun backgrounds:a collage with a face drawn by Misty that we were to cut up any way we wanted and collage with it:

My second painted face. Getting closer to something I like. Why is she blue? Must be the Star Trek influence.

How about a simple collage with my photograph of a dandylion in the middle. Sure, why not? Make a wish! That would make a great card, wouldn't it?

The two images below are side by side in my journal and are my favorite collage I made - of course it was the last one of the second day. Someone asked me if the lady in the picture was me. Um, why...yes...yes, she is...(in my dreams!)

How could I resist having my cards at the vendor night? Here I am in all my turquoise splendor!

Here's my close friend, Peggy Gatto - I love this lady! I knew she'd be at Art & Soul - and I was sort of worried about making sure we'd meet up. Lo and behold, the stars were aligned for us, and we were neighbors!

The third day of classes I spent with the talented Michael DeMeng. Do you really need a link for him? I did manage to remember to get a picture of us together.

I'm holding my "I am Infinity" piece that I made in his class. Can you see my heart pinned to my sleeve? So much rattling on in my head those four days.

The thought behind this piece: I am not this body. I am not this breath. I am Infinity.

So, there you go. Lots of eye candy to make up for weeks and weeks of no posts.

Apparently, A&S will not be hosting at Asilomar next year, but in Las Vegas. I can't believe it. I just LOVE Asilomar. It was definetely one of the big reasons I chose that venue. We'll have to see what's gonna happen for 2010.


BloggingQueen said...

We have really got to go to art camp together. This is ridiculous -- I'm missing out on so much! Looks like you really had a great time, esp that picture with Peggy.

BTW, the Star Trek woman was green, with really red lipstick and long black hair. Now that you've got the face basics down, can we have a green chick in one of your future posts? ;o)

peggy gatto said...

Say, thanks for the link!!!!
You and audra were perfect neighbors!!!!!