Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Face of God

Just the other week, I accidentally came across a great poem that I had written way back in 1999 (OMG - before I had kids!). When I read it, it moved me so much that I was almost surprised that I had actually written it! I decided to share it with one of my online yahoo groups. To my utmost pleasure, I had a great response, but those guys are really positive and encouraging.

Then my good friend Peggy Gatto posted an amazing painting that she had done, just based on my poem! What an honor! Here it is:

Isn't it beautiful? It glows. That was maybe two weeks ago. Well, here came the mailman this afternoon, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package to find this very piece of art in my hands, matted and framed to boot! This lady knows how to please a busy mom. I am absolutely honored and thrilled that my words have resonated out there to create inspiration and beauty on this Earth. Thank you Peggy!

Here's the poem:

The Face of God
by Tally Oliveau

When I smell the pines of the forest,
do I really smell the beauty of God?
What do I see?
more than just a tree.

When I drink the sweet waters of life,
do I really taste the beauty of God?
What do I see?
more than the sea.

When I listen to music that moves me,
do I really hear the beauty of God?
What do I see?
more of what is free.

When I touch my soul down deep,
do I really feel the beauty of God?
What do I see?
more that I can be.

When I look into the mirror,
do I really see the face of God?
What do I see?
more than just me.

Have a good look in the mirror today, because what you see is beautiful. We have only begun our journey together.


jakelliesmom said...

Tally, this is beautiful. I did not expect tears in my eyes so early this morning. I'm so happy you've decided to share your art and words in a blog. (And thanks for linking to me, too!)

sandee said...

Hi Tally! Welcome to the awesome world of blogging! The poem is beautiful and the art from peggy is perfect. Now you know why I love her so much!!!! I'm putting your blog address on my blog right now!

Judy said...

Very beautiful . . . both the poem and peggy's art.

english_dixie said...

hurray! tally's here! lovely opening post, friend. have fun with it! xo-kelly

wildaltarose said...

Congratulations on joining the blog world. Being able to have
have this insight into your thoughts, is almost as good as sitting at your table and sharing a cup of coffee.


BloggingQueen said...

About dang time!

Welcome to bloggety-blog-blog-blog land. You're going to have so much fun -- when you come up for air from the kids/husband/cards/designing. Of course, you realize this means you're also going to have to continue commenting on my blog... ;o)

Ooh, and thanks for linking to Julie -- that's how I found out she'd changed the name of her blog.

Julie said...

Tally!!! Welcome to Bloggingland!

Your poem is so beautiful and so is the work of art that it inspired, created by the lovely Miss Peggy!

And look at all your comments already!
See? you're a natural.

Blog tip: If you want your banner to fit perfectly into the little frame, crop the artwork in photoshop with these specific settings: 788px x 414px at 72dpi. (If you don't know how to crop with specific settings let me know.) I finally figured this out through much trial and error.

What I don't know is how to get rid of the frame, but maybe someone else does.

dorothy said...

Tally Loved your first posts in blog land. Loved the beautiful art Peggy did too. What a blessing she was to you Tally, and you to her. And you have blessed me as well, but I can't paint LOL.
Look forward to reading more, have you bookmarked. dorothy in bc by the sea

Maija said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I linked you right away on my blog!!

Tally O said...

Thanks guys! It feels so good to know you're out there!