Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pregnant Trees

Whoa! It might actually be winter around here - or more Fall-ish by the majority of the country's standards. In short - IT'S COLD! I mean ARCTIC! It actually got below 32 degrees last night! I had ice on my front lawn! Shock! Horror! Coldness!

I'm a weather wimp, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

My bright green front lawn managed to weather the cold last night better than me. It's still lush and green, even after the ice defrosted as soon as the sun came up...

Here's a Mr. Lincoln rose, petals glowing in the sun, after the rain. I just took this photo about 10 minutes ago in my backyard!
A relatively new theme that has started popping up in my art lately is trees. The butterflies are still there, but trees have become a big part of my thoughts. And what better metaphore to use on my plaster casting of my pregnant belly. This casting was done four days before giving birth to The Little One.
I painted the background with acrylics, then drew the tree with a black Sharpie pen. I added to some gold paint to a few random leaves. Yah, I like that. I started this piece at Julie's sleepover art party, and I finally finished it two weeks ago.
I've been drawing lots of trees. Practicing trees. What are you practicing?


Kelly said...

it is magnificent! oh i love it, love it, tally! and thank you for the gorgeous card with your beautiful family. and happy chanukah this weekend!!

peggy gatto said...


Judy said...

Wow Tally your painting is magnificent. I wanted to wish you and the family all the very best for a Happy New Year. Hope to catch up with you again in 09.
Much love to a great hostess.

Mija said...

Tally this is Absolutely Amazingly Beautiful! Your practice is paying off. and i LOVe the background colors. Well done friend!

i'm such a chicken, seven years later, my belly cast is still white and hanging in my storage room. i even tried to convince myself that i liked it white so i would not have to "do" anything with it. i don't know what i'm afraid of, maybe ruining it. but yours is so very inspiring!! i think i'll pull mine out and put it on the work table, who knows?!