Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Political

I don't really like to get political, but one thing that is close to my heart is Israel. I am so saddened by the bad rap that Israel gets when it tries to defend itself. I'm sure I couldn't even imagine what America would do if a neighboring (or any) country was firing rockets daily into our suburbs.

It is my opinion that Hamas (backed by Iran, by the way) and other terrorist organizations are not seeking peace or equality, they are simply seeking to annihilate Israel and all the Jews living there. I'm sure The United States is second on their list.

I won't go any further, but if you'd like to, check out this link and this link and get educated.


Maija said...

I am political, I'm not Jewish and I think Israel has every right to defend themselves in any way they see fit! The government and military have a responsibility to protect their citizens!

Tanya Peacock said...

I agree girlfriend! Actually, I think Israel has shown great restraint and has every right go do much more than they have. As a Christian; I am praying for the Holy Land and all all Her people!
xoxo and Blessings!