Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girl, Where Have You BEEN??

I've been across the country, and I've been crazed. I've been in photo shoots (can't tell you why yet), and I've been to conferences. I spent last week in Orlando, at the annual Prepaid Card Expo. Don't I look great in my booth! I probably would have looked even better if I wasn't slouching for that photo. Oh well.

Busy, busy, selling gift card holders - that's me!
Oh such fun! And don't you just love the carpet? That's what they do to the poor, cheap bastards (like myself) who don't pay for extra fancy carpet in their booth to cover the psychadelic Florida colored disaster that it was. No, it didn't match anything.
But, things went better than I had expected, especially with the current economy. There were less prospectives there, but those who had budgets enough to show up, were actually the decision makers. Quality, not quantity, is what counts.
I've been writing poetry like crazy, and will share some in the posts to come. Glad to be back!


Maija said...

You look smoking hot, girlie!!!

Mija said...

Heck yeah, you look great in your booth!! miss you Tally! xox

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.