Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch Me

Catch Me
by Tally Oliveau

You might catch me
pricking the musical notes
that glimmer before me
in the air.
With my knowing hands,
the gossamer strands
of stories never to unfold
but in the far reaches
of my smile.

And you might catch me
running free through the fields
gathering raindrops in a
All the while listening
to their
quiet melody
twinkling and shining
in the sunlight.

Yes, you might catch me
and dreaming
of the music that lies before
and waiting
to be sung.
Just waiting for my hands
to kiss
their gossamer strands
so that their life
may fill my soul
with love.

1 comment:

BloggingQueen said...

Pretty... especially the raindrops. I like that image.