Thursday, September 3, 2009

You know You Live in LA When...

ok - I would hate you to think that I'm boasting - but the stars have been out in spades lately! Come on - it's fun hearing about them isn't it? This is all in one week people!

You know you live in LA when...

Gary Sinise is in line behind you for frozen yogurt at your neighborhood joint. He's the guy standing in the middle up there. He's currently starring in CSI New York.

Patti Stranger (of Millionaire Matchmaker) is getting take-out at one of your favorite restaurants. She's wearing no make-up, hair's not "done" and is wearing flip flops. The exact opposite of how she tells her clients to dress. Hmmmm, I guess comfort isn't that over-rated after all?
Nikki Sixx stands next to you on the first day of school, looking a little sad as he hugs his daughter goodbye. She has no apparent tattoos.
You find it interesting that Mare Winningham has the same pediatrician as you. You kinda remember that she was in St. Elmo's Fire, but thought she's was really fun a month ago on Weeds (HBO - great show!).
Speaking of Weeds, that super-cute blonde kid - Hunter Parrish - who plays Nancy's son. Well, yah, he was hanging out with his buddies and his big-ass, hairy dog at the local Concerts in the Park. Yes, he is yummy, and looks WAY better without the pancake makeup. I need the number of whoever does his eyebrows.


peggy gatto said...

That's why I love LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Say hi to my roomates and my driver!

BloggingQueen said...

lol about Nikki's daughter's "apparent" lack of tattos.

also glad to read that Gary Sinise wasn't behind you in the grocery store line with booze bottles.

neither would be good.

KatieScarlett said...

Yes - I lived in LA for three years and still come back as much as I can (twice last month!) and I love that aspect. In my time there I saw Rob Lowe, Jimmy Smits, Madonna, Barbara Hershey, JOaquin Phoenix, Dermot Mulroney, etc.etc. In antique stores, at the post office, at a cocktail party, just 'normal' life stuff. It's kind of fun.

And the cliche is true - they always look exceptionally thin and small. Except for Jimmy Smits! Hunka, hunka.......

I do love L.A.!!

And I love your art too :)