Friday, May 14, 2010

Social Media Revolution

I've been hunkered down, working 12-14 hour days on something exciting and new.

No, it's not the Love Boat, it's a new business.

Don't worry, I'm not giving up Papier Studio! Papier Studio is just getting started! When the signatures are still wet on contracts, I promise to fill you in on the details.

I'm working on something that will take my patent to the next level-the virtual space. And I'm thinking of ways to do that with Social Media Marketing.

Yah, there's lots of buzz about this, and hooplah, and eye rolling. But there is a such a huge potential out there, it's actually vibrating. I can feel it.

I wanted to share these super cool videos about it. For anyone who doubts its power, press play and groove to the funky beat. If you have trouble viewing the video, just go here.

Also check out this link to see another video equally as fun.


Maija said...

Thanks for the info Tally!!!! I can't wait to see what wonderful new business you come up with next!
Will I see you at the Creshendoh launch party this weekend?

MYRNA said...

Oh Tally,
You are really in the forefront of new ideas. I think it's fascinating. I'm trying to catch up; running as fast as I CAN'T."
Thanks for liking my painting. I had to give up my watercolor class til fall, and really it's too hard to set things up right now. BUT, I like "Pissed Off" as a new title; it gives me lots of room to maneuver.
Love, ya.