Monday, July 5, 2010

Mixed Media Dollhouses Inspiration

I was so excited to Friday to receive an email from Marian Seiders of Will Roger Middle School in Lawndale, CA. She wrote to me to tell me how my new book Mixed Media Dollhouses has inspired her and her art class to create an amazing Alice in Wonderland themed mansion. Each student in the class created their own room in the mansion!

artwork by Will Rogers Middle School student
artwork by Will Rogers Middle School student

My heart just filled with pride! This is just so amazing that my book has inspired an entire class of young art students! How thrilled would I be to have my children in an art class with this kind of teacher! The mansion was such a success, that the school principal is planning on having it displayed behind glass all of the upcoming school year.
artwork by Will Rogers Middle School student

Thank you Marian, for sharing this wonderful story and allowing me to see your wonderful project.
Click here to see more photos of the school project!


peggy gatto said...

Great compliment!!!

Maija said...

Such a wonderful compliment to know your book inspired some schoolchildren!!!!

artbeth67 said...

That is VERY cool!!!