Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Photoshop Is My Bitch

Yah, that's right. I am conquering the beast. I can do some seriously cool sh*t now in Photoshop. It only took me 4 months, but I did it.

One thing that made me feel a little better, was that in the latest (also the first) issue of Somerset's "Digital Studio" they had a big comparison chart of all these different programs, and most of them were "easy" or beginner". Well, I'm using Photoshop CS2, and apparently this is a professional grade program and the learning curve is listed in their chart as "very difficult, advanced". Well, it's my bitch now.

On other art news, I taught a fantabulous visual journaling class on Sunday. It's a new twist on an old concept. I won't get into it - but I actually managed to do some cool art during the class. In the garbage can was a big roll of architectural drawings, so I immediately snagged those and started throwing on some paint. Here's my favorite thing I came up with. It's called Quiet Nest.

It kinda might look like a giant mess. Well, my nest is a giant mess, and it's definetely not quiet. I think I'm seeking some quiet. I actually got the name because I used some paint chip samples in the piece, and one of the colors was called quiet nest. I had already glued on the nest and bird image - so there you go. (Yah, there's a bird somewhere under all that paint, very visible in person, but not so much in this photo). I also did this in about 20 minutes. Trying to think a little less. I really like the sun and the tree branch, of course. Those tree branches keep popping up everywhere for me.

The sun manifested itself again, also - the next day, when I led my 5 year old daughter's kindergarten class in an art project that will be sold at auction as a fundraiser for the school. Here's what me and the kids came up with:

You really can't see the beautiful gold paint that's in the flowers in the photo. This piece is 20"x 24" (approximately). I have a frame for it too. Should look really cute in some kid's room.

We also did altered photos of each kid, so that the parents can buy an altered photo of their own child. Using their school photo, each kids painted over the boring blue background as they desired, then added an assortment of wings, hearts, designs, crown, party hats, and things cut out of playing cards. I wish I could reprint what they did, but as I don't believe in putting photos of children that are recognizable on my blog (including my own), I can't do it. Rest assured, these kids made AMAZING pieces, with very little direction from me. It's nice to see how these kids had very little fear of "doing it wrong" and just dived right in. Happy to have no rules. That probably won't last very long.

Next post - What do Twyla Tharp (genius choreographer) and Harvard Business Journal have in common? Hmmm....I guess those of you who subscribe to this FABULOUS magazine already know, the rest don't need a subscription - I'll tell yah in another day or so.

Gettin' ready for Art and Soul in Asilomar!


BloggingQueen said...

Oh, so *that* was what I heard at 2:30am this morning -- the yowling of your new bitch, Photoshop. ;o)

Wow, you're art mommy at school too? Dang, girl! When I get down there next, you'll have to steer me straight to A's altered art piece.

Tally O said...

Lisa- please come soon! Her altered photo is, of course, my favorite.