Saturday, April 5, 2008

Private Concert with Craig Carothers

Last night (Friday) I went to friends' house for a private concert with Craig Carothers. It was beautiful! The location was beautiful. These friends have an amazing home, on an amazing piece of property here in LA, overlooking most of the San Fernando Valley.

Not only is the home itself beautiful, the location beautiful, but, almost every single darn thing in that house is a piece of art. The furniture and its placement, the lighting, the potted plants, the rugs, and oh, the artwork and sculptures all over the place! These people are serious art collectors.

To top it all off, they are really nice people too. Our children go to school together. There's just not a snotty bone in her body.

So, last night, to further fill their home with art, they had a private concert with this great musician that they flew in from Nasville, TN, no less. A small group of us sat in their living room (um...about as big as my whole house...) and listened to witty and wondful music, had wine, a potluck dinner, and just a nice, casual good time.

That is living each day. Taking the time for beauty, art, friends, and laughter. Having some adult time. Putting aside the excuses of how much a babysitter costs, how tired you are after a whole week, how you may not get there quite on time. Putting that aside, and enjoying the good things and people that surround us. Check out my favorite song he sang last night "Angels Never Fall in Love". Scroll down a little and you can click to hear each song. I also recommend "One Revolution" and "She Needs Me". Be prepared for wonderful lyrics, and to have a good giggle.

Do you make time to entertain and visit friends? I bet they wish they were being invited over to your place tonight. It doesn't have to be a private concert, of course. That was so special, I just can't believe my luck. Just coffee and cake. Or a good glass of wine. Or how about a good glass of water? I'd come!

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eve crowe said...

You're invited...anytime Tally!
I'm enjoying reading your blog.