Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh yes, that was a big...long...sigh. The DH and I finally got away - even if it was just for 24 hours - to this place. Yes, yes, I know it's very fancy. But, we haven't been away by ourselves for THREE YEARS! We so deserved this break, and it's so close to our house - no time wasted on travel.
That's a picture of the very best part of the hotel. The Spa. Those lounge chairs are the size of a double bed - and located in a coed section of the spa, overlooking the ADULT ONLY saltwater pool and Japanese pagoda garden. Perfect for cuddling with your loved one after your Thai massage, as your endorphines surge through your blood stream, and all you can seem to do is stare outside at the happy yellow umbrellas and blue sky.

This your view from the women's only waiting area. It has the same lovely lounge beds. I closed my eyes, listened to the trickling water of the fountains, and cast myself into outer space.

I can't even believe how recharged I was, after only 24 hours! If you have the time and money, I encourage you to visit this place soon! If not, go to the link I gave you at the beginning of this post and flip through the photo gallery. It'll get you a third of the way to nirvana without spending a dime.

Not four hours after coming home from this lovely retreat, I was off to teach an art class at Viva Gallery.
Tonight was gelatin monoprinting! Oh what fun! I think everyone was a little surprised at how easy this technique is. I wasn't at all surprised to see how these talented artists ran with this new technique and created such different and wonderful things! With their permission, here's a look at what they made:

My next workshop at Viva is on Wednesday, September 17 - we will be making tissue paper collages. I also just scheduled another Visual Journaling class for Monday, October 13.

I also have exciting news about a new venue where I will be teaching - please stay tuned while I get the proper links and such.

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