Monday, August 4, 2008

Are You Making Enough Mistakes?

By reading this blog, I've hope you've begun to appreciate the importance of making mistakes, and not having a fear of them.


People who never make mistakes are people who have never done anything.

I think you should write that one down and put it somewhere you'll see it a lot. I have.

We gain our most important lessons from mistakes. Sometimes, our mistakes are the best part of what we've done. Antibiotics were a mistake! Chewing gum was a mistake! Oh, what would I do without chewing gum?

I hope you are all out there making mistakes, and learning, and reaching forward towards the unknown. Sometimes, you'll work so hard, you suddenly realize how easy it was to get to the other end.
That business phone call you are dreading: make that one your first call of the day.

That person that you having been thinking about and are afraid to reach out to: call them now. They have just been wishing you would reach out to them.

That idea that you have, the one that you have no idea where to start: make a list of small steps, get out your calendar, and then put task items in your calendar from that list, with the first task starting today. Yes! TODAY!

Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are supposed to happen, and they are the most important part of what you're doing. You are so much smarter when you make mistakes. I have the utmost belief and respect for you - for forging ahead in the land of mistakes - side by side we go, getting bigger, stronger, faster.

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BloggingQueen said...

Off to make some more mistakes...

BTW, you're brillante. I even said so on le blog.