Monday, April 19, 2010

Artfest Art & Unique LA!

Firstly, I would like to invite any local LA peeps to come and see me at Unique LA this weekend at the Calfornia Market Center. I will be there Sunday, April 25 from 1-5pm.

I'll be there right in the main, center of the exhibition area "Make and Take" center, selling and signing books, selling my greeting cards and doing a !FREE! make and take of paper dolls from the book!

The California Market Center is in downtown LA, click on the link for full info!

Now, on to ART!

Yes, it's taken me forever to come and dowload pics from Artfest. I met so many cool peeps, that there is just no time to load all those photos too. But, I am talkin' about you! You know who you are, making fun of me down by the bonfire, feeding me chocolate eggs in the castle dorm, listening to my crazy stories. You're awesome!!!

So, here's two days worth of what I made at Artfest, more to come tomorrow - I promise!

First class was with Theo Ellsworth - Mystery Doodling. When was the last time you allowed yourself to really doodle and explore just doodling for 6 hours? I mean, we had a lunch breach in there somewhere, but I've decided that I need to do this more often. Famous last words, I know, but one can try, right? Maybe not 6 hours, but how about just one? Here's what I came up with - it's certainly electric!
What you see is actually a paper doll of sorts, which is separate from the rectangular background. We doodled on pieces of the paper doll which were pre-cut up, and we didn't know they would end up in the shape of a person. Pretty cool!
Next day was Traci Bautista - excellent teacher! This is my fav piece I made from her class, entitled, "Inventio IX" since I used music paper from Bach's music with the same title. It is a mixed-media collage piece using acrylic paint, paper, copies of my own photography, sharpie, and oil pastel. You know how I'm partial to trees

This next piece is entitled "Fire Lotus". It's a mixed-media piece usining acrylic paint, faric paint (for the flower petals), white out pen (for the white detail work) and black sharpie. This seemed to be lots of people's favorite.
My other favorite that I made in Traci's class (yes, this was a one day class, I work FAST so that my subconcious can flow easier). I call it "Peacock Fish". It's a mixed media piece too (gee, big surprise...) using acrylic paint, paper, white out pen, sharpie in red and black, and color pencil.

This last piece below is just an unfinished background. I wanted to post this so you could see the background on its own, which I thought would be fun to see. This is all acrylic paint. I have plans for this background involving some gold leaf and more, so will post when it's done!

All these pieces are sized 15" x 22.5"

Alex Shur's watercolor class tomorrow!


HappyDayArt! said...

Those are beautiful Tally! And you look perfect!

XO Catherine

Tally O said...

Thanks love! Wan't that fun or what? Can't we have Artfest everyday?