Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Signings!

Here I am standing in front of the Barnes and Noble at the Everett Mall in Washington! Our second book signing event in WA, where I decided to bring my nice, sunny So Cal weather with me. As you can see in the window display, they were heavily advertising our event!
Left to right: Julie Molina (co-author), me, and Lisa Myers-Bulmash, significant book contributor, and friend extraordinaire! The table behind us had samples of some of the rooms from our book, which will be traveling around with me to different events.

Here I am at Zinnia signing books just this past Saturday- WE TOTALLY SOLD OUT!
But, back to Washington - After a lovely weekend in Seattle, exploring the city with DH, signing books galore, and eating WAY too much junk, Lisa and I settled in on our trek to

Why do I feel like breaking out in song - "I'm on a BOAT" like in the SNL short. See it here - but beware, lots of four letter words, and you might just fall off your chair laughing.

On our way we had to stop for lunch and became sucked into a girlie girl vortex.

pinkies up! Some little town in the Puget Sound with REALLY good tea and lots of chocolate choices. Let's just say, everything on the menu came with a scone bigger than my head.

And, yes, we got to pick our own hats.

I had classes with Theo Ellsworth, Traci Bautista, and Alex Shur. What great classes!

Here I am getting attacked by the Ellsworth monster...
when was the last time you allowed yourself to doodle for 6 hours? How about doodling blindfolded?
Here I am in my watercolor glory with Alex Shur. cloudgazing into our watercolor to bring out the characters in our subconcious.
The art I made to follow in the next post! The new and old friends in the next post too! Sorry, I'm just tired of resizing photos today.


Vanessa said...

I just picked up the book yesterday. I am so inspired and can't wait to try my own. Great job to all the ladies that contributed!

MYRNA said...

Looks like great fun and lots of recognition for your monumental enterprise! Congratulations.

Kerin said...

I picked up the postcard about your book at Artfest and immediately smitten with the beautiful house!!

In looking over your blog just had an inspirational idea which I think would be really fun. You might be interested in this since it involves promoting your book. Not that you need any help-- looks like it is already doing amazingly well.

So whenever you get a chance to check your email perhaps we can kick around some ideas. : )

Kelly said...

Look at You! You are glowing! Lovely, lovely...:0)

HappyDayArt! said...

You two in the hats looking so demure are making me laugh! We are chameleons and can change to suit any occasion! Miss you!