Monday, June 2, 2008

50th Post !!!!

Yes, this is my 50th post, and I will just drown you in art!

Firstly! I want you all to know that my summer workshops have been posted on my website, so please come visit me at Viva Gallery for a class!

Secondly, as promised, here is also the link to the UCLA Weight Loss Program I am doing right now. I know, I know, it's a little drastic, but I need drastic right now. I'll tell you what it IS - is TOTALLY EFFING HARD, but I've survived 10 days. Things already feel way better when I bend over to tie my shoes.

And, finally, the drowning...

Here is a piece in a similar style to the commissioned piece I did.

Can you tell that's half a heart? I'm not sure... I love the colors. It is 15"x20" on watercolor paper.

Below is my first mandala. I took a mandala class at Viva Gallery - well sorta. When I signed up, I didn't realize it was a 4 part class, one class a month for 4 months. That is waaaaaaay too much commitment for me. Plus, my busy schedule just didn't allow me to make the middle two classes. But I still completed the mandala. The teacher was visibly horrified. What do you think? Her comment was - "Well, it sure is your style." It's 2 feet x 2 feet on wrapped canvas.

That's ok. I'm confident enough to realize that she didn't appreciate it because it was not in the traditional looking style of the Tibetan mandala. But, I'm not Tibetan, I'm me, and I'm glad it's in my style. After looking at it for a while, I thought it might not be finsihed. It looks a little empty. Not sure what I'll end up doing, but that's what's there for now.

Last week, I was struggling with my new "Food" plan, and the one thing that makes me completely forget about food, eating, or anything else for that matter is doing art. So, I spent LOTS of time in the studio last week, after the kiddies went to bed. I didn't stay up late this time, too tired. But here's what came out.

This first piece is my favorite. It has a hadwritten line from a Grateful Dead song: "When I had no wings to fly, you flew to me". I love that line. This piece is 11"x17" on watercolor paper. Next is a piece I made from a leftover phototransfer, which is the background. I simply added the elements as you see. The gold blob on the bottom right is sealing wax melted over the collage, allowed to almost dry, then I stamped cool text with a rubber stamp into it. It is approximately 8"x10" on photo paper.
This next piece was something I finished up from a leftover from LK Ludwig's Nature Journaling class from Art & Soul. This piece is 11"x17" on watercolor paper.
Next is a sweet, pink lotus piece. Yes, I know, it's the same flower that Anahata uses in her cards. Well, damn it, I like that flower too, and it's a copyright free image, so I intend on using it. This piece is 11"x17" on watercolor paper.So, there you go. Not really feeling drowned? Me neather. That's really not EVERYTHING, but definetely my favorites. They will all be on sale at this event! Oh - except the mandala.


jakelliesmom said...

Gorgeous pieces, Tally. And good luck on the UCLA plan - hope it gets you where you want to go!

peggy gatto said...

I love the mandala!!!! You seem to be developing a wonderful new style, very fresh(not that I didn't admire your "older" art. I like the direction very much!
Congratulations on your diet plan and remember it's ok to lapse and then happens to all of us!

Kelly Snelling said...

clap! clap! Clap! throw me a rope i'm going under! you did drown me. it was awesome! i think your mandala is perfect. it is You and you are so right. i get what the teacher was saying but you couldn't swing four sessions. that is life. and you took life and made it sing. i really love your bird in the tree. the line from the dead song is great for it. the colors are wonderful. and congratulations on continuing your change. one step at a time, right? xo-k

Maija said...

Everything is so beautiful, Tally! I'll be thinking of you on your weight loss journey. It's not easy, but the payoff of good health and the ability to tie your shoes is a great payoff!

cheryl of the mandalas said...

Oh, your art it beautiful! And, love the mandala!! I've been making them for a year and love the self-discovery aspect, as well at their beauty. A friend sent me your blog (which she randomly came across : ) I could tell you about The Mandala Oasis, an online Community I just created. Which you can see here:

And...I blog my mandalas & other artful musings at:

Keep creating your gorgeous, colorful art. And maybe we'll see you at The Oasis!

BloggingQueen said...

Pah! about the teacher's comment on your mandala being different. I likes it. I likes it a lot. You know what I first thought of? "La Mano Poderosa (I think that's right)"... the hand of power! Which you can use to accomplish goals, reach for stars, smack it flip it rub it down oh no... ;o)