Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a Craft Thing

I attended a fun monthly meeting of the LA Craft Mafia last night. I just love their logo:This logo was created by Morgan, who is super sweet, creative and has a great blog! She has touching and hilarious hand drawn comics. Please check her out by clicking on her name!

I must say, however, that the ride there A little peek for my carpoolers at the mommy life. Let's just say, I think all the drug stores ran out of the The Pill today.

The only way I was going to make it out to the city last night to hang with these cool crafty peeps was to meet the DH at his work and switch cars. A dear friend and two more of her friends, whom I had never met, agreed to carpool with me, and I was happy to pick them all up, since they were not only on the way to the event, but also to the DH's office.

So, with the three kids in tow, we headed the 30 minutes to my friends' house. I walked into her house with all three kids, and they just took over the place. Her cats were, like "I'm outta here" and so, my one year old, and five year old daughters proceeded to corner them under the pool table, giggling all the while. My son managed to give himself an entire tour of the house by saying "I need to go to the bathroom" and then showing up from another hallway. I was so ready to go!

All 7 of us managed to fit into my minivan, and we headed for DH's office, only 15 minutes away. Well, the baby decided she needed to cry the whole way there. No toy, no sippy cup with milk, NOT EVEN THE WHEELS ON THE BUS SONG would do! Of course, when she saw daddy, all tears disappeared and he apparently had an uneventful ride home.

The first comment my friend said as we left the kids and my DH was" Boy, I kinda wish I had driven, 'cuz then you could drink, and I think you need one way more than I even do!" Well, ain't that the effin' truth.


Kelly said...

i so feel your mom-ness! but the craft mafia sounds cool. did you make anything or just threaten the less crafty with xacto knives?

Tally O said...

Good question, Kelly! I made a stained glass candle - which was amazingly easy to make! Using a votive candle inside some kind of glass holder (some used small ones, others chose the tall Mexican candle holders) you glue on colored tissue paper with a glude stick to make any design you fancy. There were even some preprinted images on some of the tissue papers that were Morgan's drawings. It was amazingly easy, and actually come out really cool. The extra challenge was doing all this in a dark (I mean DARK) bar. Every meeting has a different FREE craft! BTW - there is also a Long Beach Craft Mafia that I've heard of - much closer to you!

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