Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Artful Living

I am so pleased to announce that I will be teaching two of my most popular classes at Artful Living in Ojai (details below). They have no website for me to link for you, but their telephone number is 805-640-0800. According to Barbara, the owner, if you call, or email them at they will send you their newsletter and registration information and pricing.

I am very honored to be teaching at a location where the likes of Lyn Perrella and Kelly Kilmer, to just name a few, have taught.

Here's the details (hours are approximate):
October 18: 10am-4pm
Visual Journaling - Caverna Magica
Come along on a fantastic voyage of self exploration through art journaling. Using music, breathing techniques, and guided visualization, Tally will lead you on a spelunking adventure you will never forget. We will be digging for the artistic archeological treasures that are hidden in your subconscious. We will shed some light on the dark caves of your mind that maybe you haven’t explored in a while – or maybe never even been discovered.

October 19: 10am-12:00pm
Image Transfers
Image transfers are a wonderful way of getting a very translucent image over decorative or other papers without using a transparency. The transfer actually becomes almost part of the paper. Students will be learning different image transfer techniques in this class including gel medium transfers onto paper and fabric, packing tape transfers, gin transfers, and transfers onto metal. This is a wonderful technique that you will be able to apply in hundreds of ways in your own art. This is a techniques class, therefore, you will not be creating artwork in class.

Even if you have taken my Visual Journaling class before, each journey is different and even the same journey can be different at a different time. For additional details and supply lists, please visit my website (link at the upper right of this blog), and click on the link to "Workshops".

I hope some of you will join me!

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