Sunday, September 14, 2008

Open Your Wings

by Tally OliveauI left my cocoon today,
wet wings frigid,
shaking with anticipation.

I know I can fly.
I feel the wind on my face.
It makes me tremble
on this tiny

Emerging slowly,
cautiously testing
my footing.
Still holding tight
to what seems a dream -
the life of a catepillar
the life that only yearns
for change.

So, Here I Am.


Tamara C said...

Tally, this is another beautiful poem - I can feel the words with all of my senses. So wonderful! And the artwork is amazing too! You are such an inspiration!

Thank you SO MUCH for the paper for my S.S.! You are so kind and I appreciate it so much! I know she will too! :)

peggy gatto said...

My new favorite. I still have a copy of one of the first poems you wrote(last year?)...that I was going to, you have inspired me!