Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Cards!

Things have been busy around the studio this past week. A whole slew of new designs are popping up for 2009, and holiday orders are EXPLODING!!

Feel free to pop by the website: to get a gander at some of the new stuff coming out of Photoshop. I think I've really gotten a swing of Photoshop - at least I let myself think that for now. I know I probably have only mastered a very small percentage of what this amazing program can do - but I don't let that stop me from creating! Here's a sneak peak!

The water drops above came from a photograph I took of my car windshield while it was raining! Some minor adjustments, a few photoshop brushes of my doodles - and voila! dreaming of the sea...

As some of you may know, one of my specialties, besides the patented gift card holders, is my line of Judaica cards. This is close to my heart, since I have found a vapid hole of classy, artistic Judaica cards. I am doing my best to fill that hole.


BloggingQueen said...

Your 2009 cards are rockin'! Awesome idea to use the rain drops from the windshield. (I think my windshield is too dirty to allow pretty rain drops like these.)

I'm noticing a swirliness to the designs. I like.

peggy gatto said...

I adore raindrops!!!!! You just get better and better!

Tamara C said...

These new cards are fantastic! The raindrops are the coolest, I think! They are perfect for that card, clever woman! :)

I saw the geletin printing photos on Julie's blog and that looks really fun! I hope to try that if Mija ever gets her buttox down here for a visit! Heh! I did notice though, that Julie used some architectural paper that was there? Is that something you brought? And if so, do you have more you would want to sell?! Even just a few sheets would be cool! My B-Day Secret Sister gal would LOVE some of that stuff! :)

I was going to say I hope you are having an artistic week, but I think that's pretty obvious, huh?! Heh Heh!

Hugs From The Directionally Challenged (Thank you again for helping us when we were in L.A.! Shea said you are the coolest gal ever!), Tam