Thursday, February 21, 2008

Do you have an ANT problem?

When we struggle with ourselves, are we our own worst enemy? Our own worst critic? I know I can be. I’m working on solving my ANT problem.

What is ANT?

Automatic (or Angry)
When you dream about a goal, what is the next thing that comes to your mind? Are you having an Automatic Negative Thought? When you think about submitting artwork to be published, do you immediately say to yourself – “my work is not good enough”, or “those real artists are just going to laugh at me”. When you think about your goals for your appearance or weight loss, do you immediately say to yourself – “I’ll never be able to stick to an exercise program”, or “I just have no willpower to say no to sweets”. When you think about starting a business is the first thing you think to yourself – “Who would even like this idea anyway”, or “no one will ever buy this”.

WELL STOP THAT!!! NOW!! You are simply causing your own failure! If you never even try – how will you ever know if you could make it? If you never submit any artwork for publication, I can guarantee you will never get published. But if you do submit, and submit often, you are bound to get published. Maybe not the first time, but perhaps the fifth time. I have a dear friend whose work I had to forcefully take out of her home to submit for publication (she knows who she is!). She said it “sucked”, it “wasn’t good enough”. Guess what happened? That artwork became the spotlight artwork for a certain publication.

If you continue to tell yourself you hate to exercise and can’t stick to a program, guess what – you will continue to have problems exercising. I have to say, that exercising is one of the THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS behind my high energy and positive feelings. I have found things that I enjoy doing – at least most of the time. I don’t always want to go. Yes, I would have much more free time if I didn’t exercise. But, it is a non-negotiable part of my day. I’m not always happy to go, but I sure feel great when I’m walking out the door. I keep reminding myself that.
Don't be a thorn in your own side!

If you never try your business idea, you will never know the success that awaits you. You don’t have to be afraid that someone out there won’t like your idea. Guess what, there will be LOTS of people out there who won’t like your idea. But, it only takes one person who likes your idea to get it started. What’s most important, is that YOU like your idea – in fact, you should LOVE your idea, because to make a business successful, it takes months, and more like years, to bring it to reality. You’re going to be spending lots of time with your idea, so you must be confident and believe in yourself (even if it’s scary or overwhelming at times).

I’ll go back to that quote from my dad:

“Ask, the worst they’ll say is ‘no’. ”.

You really have nothing to loose by asking. If someone says no - you are in the same place you were before. But, you say: “Well, I’ll feel embarrassed!” My response is – your ANT problem is not going to go away with that attitude.

My suggestion to begin getting rid of your ANT problem? Begin each day with saying something positive to yourself. Then repeat it at least 10 times a day. I bet you can even think about 10 different positive things to say to yourself. Do it daily, maybe even hourly. You deserve it. This is just a baby step. We all know that wiping away the ANTS with a wet paper towel doesn’t really get rid of the real, deeper problem, but you have to start somewhere.
Here's me and a friend helping you with your first baby steps.


jakelliesmom said...

Tally - I'm going to e-mail you to take you out to coffee to talk about my new business idea. Have I mentioned lately how much you inspire me?

peggy gatto said...

hey tally, you have a way with words! No more ants for me!

Julie Brill Molina said...

Okay so I want to open an Art Bar in North Hollywood. What do you think?

And I don't remember saying it "sucked" exactly. Did I?