Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Mission District Map! New Cards Now Available!

Interestingly, I've had quite a few private emails about posting exactly where this totally cool and hip area, known as The Mission District, really is. For you independant mappers, you can find the epicenter at Paxton Gate: 824 Valencia Street @ 19th, San Francisco, CA 94110. Or you can just click this link.
This week has been ridiculously busy, and to top it off, I've been kinda sick. I came home from teaching an altered photos class on Monday night, and literally felt the congestion moving into my head. I've been preparing like a mad woman for my tradeshow in March. Those scientists really need to get crackin' on that cloning thing.
So, within one week, I have put together 10 new gift card holder designs and put together my first, professional catalogue. By professional, I mean, I'll be printing it at a printer, not my home HP. I am still struggling with Photoshop and am having a hard time releasing Publisher as my main design factory. Print shops don't seem to work with Publisher, and converting files to jpgs is apparently "uncool" because sometimes things get screwed up. Converting files to PDFs from Publisher is possible, but not easy or straight forward. What's a girl to do? Yah, that's why I need a clone!
This post has a few of my favorite new designs. I hope you like 'em too. Off they went to the printer yesterday, so, now I officially have everything "in stock".

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