Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Seven Nation Army Couldn't Hold Me Back

That is the strength, thought, and effort that I am currently putting into my card business. I started my afternoon on the computer rockin' out to the White Stripes, and they said it for me.I even finished my chunky book page for Art and Soul in Asilomar, which I will be attending this April! I will be looking forward to meeting lots of new people there. Anyone out there attending? The image above shows the front and back of my page. It's actually not all that chunky. I have no actual embellishments on the page, but I did add a little bell on the bottom right corner of the page with a jump ring.

The theme for the book is "Windswept". So, I went with the windswept hair look. I just love the look of my hand-drawn craggly branch (with sharpie) and the fabric leaves from a piece of leaf ribbon, which I managed to find in these three lovely colors while in San Francisco.

But back to business. I am expending serious amounts of energy and time right now. I want to. It's almost all I can think about. It's all I want to do. I dream about my catalogue layout. I'm planning marketing ideas. I'm emailing and preparing packages for potential customers. Big customers. I'm envisioning where I want to be.

If you have no goal, you will never get there. If you have no plans to achieve that goal, you will never find the right road to your destiny. What are you doing to set goals and make plans for what you really want? It doesn't have to be a business - it could be anything. Take baby steps - BUT TAKE THOSE STEPS!! You don't have to know every step on your road at the beginning, because it probably won't be what you thought anyway. But know your goal. Write it down. Then, write down one to three next steps to begin your journey toward that goal. THEN! Take those steps. What do you have to loose?

My dad always used to say: "Ask, the worst they'll say is no." It's so true.

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Enjoying the Process said...

Hi, Tally. Cruised over here after seeing your question on Art & Soul group. I'm attending. I am somewhat a beginner at paper arts, at least going to start learning instead of just cutting up magazines, which I've done since I was 10. Loved your blog and the sights from SF; sent them to my sister who lives there. I live around SLO. My blogspot is and my art site is currently on Artella Words and Art as "Latest Adventures in Total Play". Sooz