Wednesday, March 26, 2008

$110 per day

The kidlets are on spring break this week, and I just couldn't bring myself to spend $110 PER DAY (that's for two kids) on "sports camp", and so here we are.

Getting nothing accomplished.

Getting frustrated some more with Photoshop.

I keep learning more, and realizing how very little I really know. I have that drop shadow thing down now, but if anyone knows how to do that sun rays thingy - not the glowing thingy - but where there are light and dark lines radiating out from a center object, and you can link me or give me a hand-holding tutorial, I will be your best friend for life.

I wish I could show you what I'm working on, but when I showed my new designs to my mom tonight, she was pretty quiet....hmmmm....yah, we know what that means. She's usually not that nice either.

So, to get out my frustrations, I am thankful that I will be going to the gym tomorrow for another fun morning of torture - oh, I mean health building exercise. Can you believe that my weight training teacher is also an artist? She's pretty good too. Her name is Pam, and you can check out pics of her art here. She constantly makes corny and witty jokes during class which actually do help forget that you are in the middle of doing 200 pilates sit up thingies.

And if I use the word thingy in the singular or plural form one more time this month, feel free to yell at your monitor at what a bad writer I am. Go ahead , let loose. Thank goodness there's only a few more days...

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peggy gatto said...

I enjoyed seeing pam's art! You will be just week! Have a fun filled weekend! I always am glad I paid you a visit! Come over to my blog, I have a project you can be part of!!!