Saturday, March 1, 2008

We have a winner for February!

And the collage goes to: octavine! To tell you all the truth - I'm not even sure she knew she was playing! Octavine is a member of a women's artistic entrepreneur's group in Portland, which is where she found out about me and cordially left a comment! Well, that comment just got you a collage, girl!

I just love giving away things, and I think that March will be another pair of earrings. And here they are:

I have no idea what the big, beautiful, greenish-blue stone is. Those are real fresh water pearls and everything else is sterling silver, including the handmade ear wire. Oh yah - handmade by ME! The total length hanging from your ear would be 2 1/2 inches. Nice and dangly!

So, again, the rules are: every time you leave a comment during this month of March, you get your name in the pot for a chance to win these! If your comment leaves me no way of reaching you, please check back (at least by the end of the month, or hopefully more often!) to see if you won! You will have to give me your snail mail so I can mail them to you if you win!

And now, I must go figure out how one girl, with only two arms, will be shlepping three large suitcases full of crap - oh, I mean, cards and clothes - to Las Vegas. Bye!


jakelliesmom said...

Have a great time in Vegas - hope it's energizing and productive, and we'll reschedule when you get back.

Jennifer R.D. said...

Oh Tally,
These are stunning!!!! Have a great time in Sin City LOL!

misspvc said...

Tally these are absolutely fabulous!
huge hugs
Patti V