Friday, March 14, 2008

She's an Artistic Genius!

Well, if I don't have time to do much of my own art, I can certainly post my older daughter's art, right? Well, she's five, and she is an artist. She will tell you this herself. Isn't this piece a stroke of genius!?! Her lovely little hand as an octopus. My favorite part is the bubbles. And the seaweed. And the octopus's suckers. Oh yes, she's a genius.
So, of course, I am now contemplating utilizing the potential slave labor I have at hand (i.e. two small children of crayon yielding age) to begin creating artwork for some new cards. In addition to many other things, I have a demand for children's cards. And I think my little creative geniuses are just the ticket to bon bon-dom. Well, not really, but it'll keep them outta my hair for at least an hour.
And just an FYI, it's Christmas time around here. I know, we don't even celebrate Christmas, and it's even earlier than "Christmas in July", but I gotta get some new holiday designs done by May 1. Something tells me it's gonna be a busy year.
I've also given up trying to figure out why my paragraphs look normal when I write the draft, and then have no spaces in between when I publish. Anyone have info on this? Bueller?


Maija said...

Like mother like daughter!
I wish you the best for great success this year!!

barbara burkard said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE ART!!! now can you AFFORD to hire her? lol

hugz and love

BloggingQueen said...

Fucking Blogger. They did the same thing to one of my posts a week ago, I think. A few hours after I posted, I tried to fix the problem and it worked. I doubt it's anything you did.

Oh, and don't worry about The Daughter's salary. She gets free room and board! That should be enough. ;o) I dare you to tell me your dad wouldn't say the same thing!

misspvc said...

Have a wonderful Christmas season! May 1...that's a new one! hehehehe! As long as you're providing the food, and the crayons....sounds like you've got yourself free labor! hehehe
huge hugs
Patti V

Beth said...

Some days blogger has a mind of its own and its done the same thing to me.
It's even worse when you save your post as a draft and then publish it....then theres twice the space between paragrasphs.
wish I could help, but I can't !

and the kid's artwork...fabulous idea !!!

Morgan said...

That picture is amazing! I would never have thought of making a handprint into and octopus, so great!!