Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art Festivals

Did all you moms out there have a nice mother's day? Mine was mellow, I had to plan it myself, I got what I wanted, but only because I specifically said what I wanted, and it was something I had to go out and get myself. Then, when I went to go get it, it was sold out. No, it's not a Wii.

But, look who stopped by - why, it's Jay Leno!

he was so sweet with the kids!Now, for our regularly scheduled programming...

A week and a half ago, I took my two girls to our local art festival - The Calabasas Fine Art Festival. This is a great art festival, everything is very high caliber art. I saw a friend there - Shari Beaubien, who many of you may read her blog, which you can read too if you click the link on her name. Here we are together in her booth. Beautiful artwork!

There was another artist there, who I don't know, but her work impressed me so much! Angela Alvarez was kind enough to let me photograph some of her pieces and let me post them on this blog. Most of her work is mixed-media on steel. Yah, steel! You can see the beautiful paints, all drippy and puddly above, beautiful colors. Then, she sands some of it off, to see the metal underneath.

ain't it puhrtee?

Another artist that I loved at the show was Adam Stone. He was not hip to me photographing his art, which is ok. I get that. So, go forth and click the link to his website. I've seen Adam many years now in these art fairs, and his style is changing dramatically. He used to do a lot of musical type pieces, and now, he is moving into a fairy-tale/sci-fi thing. Sound strange. It is - strange and wonderful!



Maija said...

Jay Leno - way cool!

Shari said...

Is was such a delight to see you there, Tally! Hugs, Shari

artbeth67 said...

Thanks for sharing their info...very nice stuff! So, what was the gift you had to go pick up that they were out of?

barbara burkard said...

...that's what i was wondering..what are you looking for!!!


theresa martin said...

You and Leno are BFF! Cool photos!

peggy gatto said...

way fun!!!! I am impressed!!!