Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Finish Line

Lots of things are getting finished around here. Firstly, I finished updating my website with all the new holiday designs for this year! This is just for my gift card holders. Whew, that was a bunch of work. You can check them all out here.

Next, I finished my commissioned piece! I just couldn't stand thinking about whether it needed another coat of orange paint, so I decided it was done, and drew the black outline of the girl figure. Oh, I loved this project, and this style. I will be glad to see that huge canvas out of my studio though! Here it is:
Yah, I do plan on leaving those white parts white.

I also finished resizing pics of my nature journal to share with you. The first page on the right is a transparency of a space nebula (don't remember which) over a handmade paper with a leaf in it. I did this to juxtapose the far reaches of outerspace, with a lowly fallen leaf on Earth. They are all part of the same nature.

The page on the left has my poem "The Face of God" which you can read here. It was the topic of my first blog post, and very moving. Definetely worth your time clicking the link to read.

This next page below is one of the tissue collages. I had netting and the butterfly on top, sandwiched between tissue paper. Well, the paper tore just above the butterfly - what another happy accident! You can actually stick you finger under the netting, and it just looks like the butterfly is flying off the page. The poem on the card below is another one of my originals.more wire mesh antiquing, using crab grass. I guess it IS good for something.This page is one of those Victorian photo frames that I completely covered with scrapbook papers, a leaf and wrapped with fiber. You can see a portion of the page behind it through the window.

ok, ok - last picture - another tissue collage. The image on the far left is a stamp I hand carved of the bird on the branch. Nest is photo I took. The three eggs are for my three kids, of course.

Sheesh, and that's not even all the pages!

I also finished my first mandala. Way back in February, I signed up for a mandala class at Viva Gallery (where I also teach). I did actually only make it to two of the four classes. Hey, man, babysitters are expensive!! I loved working with the circles and will post more next time!


Kelly Snelling said...

i am really digging that commissioned piece you did. clap! clap! clap!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

WOWZA Tally!! You've added lot of new BEAUTIFUL ART!! I really enjoyed looking!

peggy gatto said...

Say missy, you have done some beautious art work! So glad you enjoyed art and soul! Wish I could repeat the first time I met all of you at art and soul...
mother's day hugs attcha!

theresa martin said...

Love your commissioned piece - very cool.