Saturday, May 3, 2008

Childhood Friends

I just had to get a shout out that one of my best friends forever, Lisa Myers-Bulmash - we've been friends since 3rd grade for God sakes!! (we will not discuss what year that was...)-is the author of this month's Gypsy Bonfire at Lisa Hoffman's blog.

This is the girl whose lacey, canopy bed I coveted, who I sat huddled together with in her mom's closet, reading her mom's sex books at sleep over parties, who I was a twin hobo with on Halloween ('cuz neither of our parents would even dare consider purchasing a costume, oh no.), who I sneaked eating candy with on the school bus, and who I am so grateful to share a love of art and still have as a friend, so many years later. We do have twin chicken pox scars after all.

Go check it out!

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Lisa H said...

Hey Tally!!!

A very deep bow to you and thanks for the "Trailer" on this very Blog. I'm amongst yourselves....

It's SO great to read about your friendship with the delightful Lisa M.B....nothing like those connections that go back. WAY back. Here's to expanding The Tribe.

Lisa H.