Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Love Puddles!

How could an afternoon of opening a new business bank account be complete without a little splashing in the puddles? My daughter's favorite shoes are her rain boots, and when you see the lizards, catepillars and crickets on them, you'd know why. They are super cool.

How lucky, that right outside the bank's front door, was a great big puddle of water that was begging to be cavorted in.

It only took her a few minutes to really start movin' that water around. And don't you just love her outfit? Well, today, of all days, was pajama day. Yes, those are her real pajamas.

Now don't go thinkin' that this kinda look isn't typical, because it is. Wild pony tail, somewhat held in place by "diamond" barrettes, elegant (and filthy from climbing trees) fur lined jacket, mismatched outfit, and shoes that don't match anything else - usually including some kind of sparkle. Yah, this is a girl who dresses herself in the morning. Don't think I don't love every minute of it. The only thing lacking in today's outfit was tights. Oh yes. This girl ONLY wears skirts - every day (well, except pajama day, apparently).

Of course, who buys her all those sparkle shoes, diamond barrettes and crazy tights? Yah, I love it! That's living each day!


BloggingQueen said...

At some point, I really ought to get The Boy some rainboots. It's not like there aren't a million chances to wear them up here in Extra-Blue State.

Julie said...

I wish I could dress like that.