Sunday, December 16, 2007

I sat at my art table this evening, pulling myself this way and that. Wanting to break out so many ideas, yet, I have no motivation to actually bring them to life. So, I decided to go old school and make some ATCs. I actually worked on the background of these a while ago, and just really added the Geisha - I have lots left over from my image transfer classes.

Yah, it's kinda boring, but I needed to get something on paper. I don't believe in being completely imaginative and rockin' the art world most of the time.

I spent much creative energy this weekend on a layout for my brother's new apartment. He owns an entire floor of a building somewhere in Manhattan that he is finally ready to convert into his home. It was actually really exciting and fun, and I just hated what the architect had done for him. It was boring, had no storage, and didn't even have a walk-in wine cellar or even ONE secret door or room. What fun is THAT? Let's just say, my brother is doing well, doesn't have a wife or kids to suck away his money, so I think he needs a walk-in wine cellar and a secret room that is only accessible from a moveable bookcase.

I see you nodding your head.


Maija said...

Oh yeah, it's nodding!!

I think your Geisha girl is beautiful - not at all boring!

Tally O said...

Thanks sweetie!

BloggingQueen said...



I'm sorry, I really had to shout that.

Also, we should've married him off to me when we had the chance. Too bad we have damn near nothing in common, besides you.

Julie said...

Oh my God I have always always always wanted a secret room!